Spice → process modeling and documentation

Spice → process modeling and documentation

The SIBAC Int. GmbH can support you on all topics necessary to achieve a SPICE level required by you or your customers. For this purpose, we analyse your business processes and make suggestions for improvement. We will help your employees directly in the implementation of the proposals.

Do you know one or more of these points?

  • Your client requires proof of the development
  • the processes (and the associated tools, such as examples and templates) are not used due to lack of availability
  • Project leaders can’t find what they need for daily work in the flood of documents and templates
  • Project participants do not know what concrete achievements are expected of them and how to do so.

We offer the following solution:

  • We help you to choose the appropriate processes (using the template listed in DIN ISO 15504 as a template)
  • Your processes are adapted to required standards
  • we fill the selected processes with content: definitions, roles, templates, checklists
  • Together with you, we lay the foundations for assessments and certifications.

Tailored to your business objectives and specific framework conditions, we propose a process framework that is based on international standards. Activities, roles and work results are defined in close cooperation with process managers and stakeholders.

This results in the following advantages for you:

  • The development process runs consistently and comprehensibly from the requirement to the system acceptance test
  • You have efficient development rozesse tailored to your needs, which help to guarantee the repeatability of project successes
  • due to the strong orientation to internationally recognized standards, you are able to optimally adapt the processes in case of changes in the framework conditions, such as.B change in project sizes, series-ready software.

The procedure for defining and introducing the processes is dictated by your framework conditions.